Freshness: View Grade, Edit Tags, and more

Hello, everyone,

It has been a week since our fantastic launch. We are growing relatively quickly, more and more quizzes are coming up every day, and more and more people are signing up every hour. So thanks for your participation!

Without further ado, here are a list of updates I just pushed live in our server:

  • The ability to view grade. You now can be able to see a list of grade from the people who took the quiz, ordered from the highest to the lowest. This has been one of the most requested feature in my list, and I am glad that I can finish it out as soon as possible.
  • The ability to edit tags. In the past, when you are trying to edit a quiz, you can’t change the tags associated with it. Now you can, it will be the same form as you see in the create page, just as easy as type the new tag in or hit the “x” to delete it off.
  • If you don’t choose to have an avatar, I will automatically link it to your gravatar using your account email address. I chose to do this because it can help you recognize your friends if they chose to signup without their names. (a photo is worth a thousand words!)
  • The algorithm for popular quizzes is now a bit different. It’s no longer just sorted by the pure amount of users taken, it’s combined with the amount of time the quiz is being created. So if a quiz gets tons of people taken in a short period of time, it will raise over to the top!
  • There are a few that are very minor and I’d encouraged to discover them yourself:!

In the following weeks, I will be heavily working with press and media outlets who I hope will talk about OneExtraLap, and let the world know more about OneExtraLap. So feature updates won’t be coming very frequently, but you will sure find more and more new faces in our community! If you know any bloggers well, let me know!

Happy social quizzing everyone!

Stephen, Founder of OneExtraLap

Just a Little More: Like & Tweet Button

Before going to the details of this minor update, I want to thank everyone who put in tremendous effort on participating in our awesome social quizzing community over the past 3 days, our site is growing pretty rapidly!

If you haven’t heard, Twitter rolled out a fresh, official tweet button yesterday that make all enthusiast Twitter-er sharing links on the wild much easier (I personally think this has much advantages over Tweetmeme's RT button). And due to the *fact* that people loves OneExtraLap so much, so I think why not giving them a super handy way to tell their buddies about OneExtraLap? So last night, once I saw the exclusive Mashable stories, I decided to take the advantage of this new button. I implemented the iframe version of the tweet button with tweet counts. After a bit of testing this morning, I deployed to the main site, and it is located right at the left hand side of our footer!

Although, some statistics proves Twitter is ahead of Facebook in the battle, but I am not going to make Mark feeling upset, so I also implemented the Facebook Like button alternatively. You will now choose your favorite in either ones to promote OneExtraLap! (Though letting your friends in both networks will be even greater!)

So now it’s time to share the love! :)

Stephen, Founder of OneExtraLap

OneExtraLap is officially launching!

Over the past 8 months, OneExtraLap has gone from a tiny sprinkle idea in my brain, to an addictive, high-quality beta community with hundreds of beta testers from around the globe. After rewritten the codebase twice, gone over a user interface redesign, today, I am officially launching the site to public, and give you the ability to access this everybody-loved community that offers great quizzes that made by great people.

First and foremost, I want to thank, again, to our responsible early adopters who had been with me and OneExtraLap since the very beginning. From all the positive comments, I have the momentum to keep moving forward. From all the constructive feedback, I discover the correct way to make the site better and better. I really appreciate all the time they put in testing OneExtraLap, they just helped an already-great community become even greater.

Without further ado, I am going to introduce OneExtraLap to all new folks that never heard about us but want to give us a try:

Unlike other quizzing applications, OneExtraLap gives you a whole new social quizzing experience. You can take content-rich, meaningful quizzes that are made by your friends, or you can share some of your wisdom by creating quizzes as well. Plus, all activities are incorporated into cool game mechanics, such as points and badges. The more you do, the more you earn! And it is addictive!

So why not signing up? :)

The Preview Program is now live!

Hello, all,

Now with 48 hours before the official launch, I am kicking off the preview program to those who enthusiastically signed up on the past 5 days. I am quite surprised by the amount of people who registered, and I am quite honored to have tech industry leaders such as Mark Hendrickson and Hiten Shah signing up and want to give OneExtraLap a try.

The past week has been the busiest week in my entire life - coding on individual badges, fixing backend bugs, testing on staging, and most importantly, learning on how to handle business development. On the past, due to the fact that I am designing & developing OneExtraLap all day all night, I am getting over familiar with the site. That directly caused me making an unclear landing page with nearly no information explaining what the site actually does.

Now, I am in the process of changing it. I just made a simple tour page with real screenshots, hopes that would bring you some insights before actually signing up for an account. Besides that, I am searching for more solutions that would help fixing the issues.

And with that said, let’s give a warm welcome to our new users, I hope they will enjoy the sites as much as our beta testers did!


OneMoreWeek, OneExtraLap

Hello, everyone! This amazing moment is finally coming! Under my hard and solid work this summer, OneExtraLap will be officially launching to public on August 8th, which is one week from today.

First and foremost, I want to give my sincere thank you to our super responsible early adopters who helped me test the beta version of the site (since OneExtraLap was a single-feature web app that had creepy design). You guys are the biggest momentum to push me working hard in OneExtraLap, you guys really rock!

What’s new?

You will see a very beautiful, intuitive new design. I posted three teasers recently (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) that will get your mind going and your hands spinning before the morning of August 8th!

Along with that, you can starting playing around with the Badges feature which is actually one of the most-requested feature! And it’s finally out!

But there is one more thing…

I am sure if you are pretty impatient right now that you want to actually use the site. So I am giving you a priceless ticket - to be a part of our exclusive 2-day preview program. If you sign up, you will have the ability to try out OneExtraLap 2 days in advanced, before everyone else! The total space is limited to 88, so hurry up! Sign up right now, and check your inbox in the morning of August 6th!

Note: If you are one of our beta testers, you are already in, although you are not counted inside of the 88 people limit. You can simply log in here.

Happy social quizzing everyone!

Stephen, Founder of OneExtraLap

Teaser, Part 3

This is the leaderboard showcasing people who earns the most points.

Teaser, Part 2

This is from the user profile page with an intuitive ribbon.

Beautiful enough? :)

Teaser, Part 1

This is a main part in OneExtraLap: Quizzes!

What’s Next?

Howdy, everyone, Stephen is here.

Summer is coming for me, and it’s time to reveal to everyone what is happening. I will be in China (yeah, China) for 5.5 weeks starting June 19th, it’s a journey for me to explore, relax and refuel (learn more in my blog post). I’ve been putting most of my time into OneExtraLap this year, I am really proud of what I’ve accomplished so far, and it’s time for me to separate myself a little bit, taking my steps into something that I never experienced before for a month. I will be doing a Chinese calligraphy project to help earthquake victims too, learn more!

So what is coming up with OneExtraLap?

I will be doing some email conversations with our awesome beta users this coming week, I want to get some direct feedback from users, and seek for any corners that I can make improvement. If you are one of the beta user, dive into your inbox because I will send you a personalized email today. Besides that you can always email me at and we can talk from there!

I am planning to launch the service to public half month after I come up from the awesome trip, approximately Mid-August. I am putting this timeline out there because that’s a promise from me and I can push myself forward to meet this goal (Unlike some people who said the service will be launching “soon”, which means tons of delays, not good). During my trip, I will still work on some finishing touch based on all the feedback I will be getting, and also make the site more secure, reliable for the public launch. So stay tuned!

Happy social quizzing, everyone!


Switching Web Host - Don’t Sweat

Hello, awesome people,

Just a quick note that I will be switching web host to Media Temple in the upcoming 2 days. So if you see our site is down or showing up stupid stuff, don’t freak out, it’s not the end of the world. :)

Also I will have a detailed blog post about what is coming up with OneExtraLap! Stay tuned!

Update: The transition is now finished! Yay! But unfortunately, I was not switching to Media Temple eventually, chose DreamHost instead. See why in this lengthy blog post.